The firm focuses its practice in the following primary areas:

Company Formation
Just like you  wouldn’t build a home without first laying a solid foundation, it is foolhardy to start a new company without making sure that it is being built on a solid foundation as well.  Choosing the right legal structure helps ensure that you have the most liability protection provided by law, that you’re company position for future investment and that you don’t have to worry about competing claims of ownership.

I can help you and your partners (if any) select and create the right legal structure for your company to lay the foundation for your future success.  This includes:

  • Preparing, filing and publishing the Articles of Organization or Incorporation
  • Drafting a basic Limited Liability Company Agreement or Corporate Organizational Agreement
  • Preparing company resolutions
  • Helping you obtain a Tax Identification Number
  • Providing start-up guidance.

Contracts and Transactions
With extensive experience in many types of transactions, I can assist you in almost any deal including:

  • Client Agreements
  • Service Agreements
  • Vendor and Supplier Agreements
  • Contractor and Subcontractor Agreements
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Technology Agreements
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Joint Venture and Affiliation Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements

It is important to remember that the party on the other side of the transaction often has an attorney protecting its interests, which makes it that much more important for you to have an attorney protecting your interests.

Regulatory Interpretation and Compliance
Having spent much of my career in highly regulated industries like insurance and health care, I have a great deal of experience in identifying, interpreting and implementing regulatory requirements.  Nothing is more discouraging than receiving a cease and desist letter from a government agency advising you that your company must shut down until you’ve complied with some regulatory requirement.  I can assist your company in:

  • Identifying those laws and regulations that govern the way your company must do business;
  • Interpreting them to ensure that your company understands what is required; and
  • Implementing them to assist in your compliance efforts